Introducing …DevOps Arena

My name is Bukola Johnson and I am a Site Reliability Engineer (popularly known as a DevOps Engineer) . I have several years of experience working in the Technology space. I started my IT career as a Helpdesk support staff! Do not despise the days of little beginning, yay!!! I gradually moved into being a System Administration in the ever busy financial institution, where I managed On-premise windows servers and also worked on Backup and Storage solutions.

I was the go to “windows server girl” — because I knew just a little about Linux then

Few years down the line , I started working on Virtual servers using VMware and IBM AIX servers , I gradually started finding my feet working on Linux servers and I found working on it interesting against what I initially thought( my love for GUI though)❤❤

Fast-forward to few years later…. after some years working on virtual servers ,the opportunity presented itself for me to work on Cloud services , AWS to be precise. This opportunity came when I took up a role with a technology firm where 50% of the servers were hosted on AWS and 50% was on-premise as at then. I took this as a challenge for me to learn something new ..yippee as always, I was elated because I love system gbas-gbos(challenges) as they make me a better person in my career!!! I worked at the organization as a system admin for some years and


I wanted something different , something more than the usual I have been used to . I made some research, I read several IT blogs to know what’s the in- thing in my career path and boom, I came across DevOps . What on earth does that even mean ??? I did a lot of reading and then I realized its actually an interesting field( more like a cultural shift! ) that is quite related to what I was already working as but with more in-depth into Automation , that sounded like something I would really like to explore. But then the challenge came, how do I survive being a DevOps engineer with little or no development skill?? But there is the saying that…

You can achieve whatever you set your mind to achieve

I started studying on all the technologies that DevOps engineers work with , the likes of the different CICD tools, Containerization , Infrastructure as code using Terraform and Cloudformation, Python …...just to mention a few . Then I made up my mind to explore this new path, and I made the bold switch, yeah I did it, It was a gradual step but I am glad I did. Since I moved into this new amazing world of Automation, I have developed much interest in it and I am progressing in it.

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Its been 3 years now and every single day is an opportunity to learn something new . I am still learning a lot on these technologies as you agree with me that we learn as the day goes by.

I will like to help as many ladies out there that are still contemplating making the switch , anyone with little or no IT background

If I can do it , you can too

Just believe you can do it and you will!!!

The DevOpsArena page will be focused on several DevOps related topics, deployment strategies , DevOps technologies, troubleshooting solutions that I have encountered in my journey as a DevOps Engineer . I will dig into different DevOps technologies like Docker , Kubernetes , CICD, AWS , GCP , Terraform, Ansible etc . of course will do some python as well as I am presently learning a lot on how Python can be used to make my life better as a DevOps engineer ,but yeah who says we can’t all learn together .

Yaay !! its been an amazing journey so far and I want you to be a part of my DevOps journey …lets learn together and make a change to our world.


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