A Guide to Deploying Kubernetes with Terraform

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) is a fully managed Kubernetes service for deploying, managing, and scaling containerized applications on Google Cloud.

In this guide , I will work you through how to deploy a managed kubernetes on Google cloud using Terraform .


I assume you already have some basic knowledge of Terraform and kubernetes in this guide , though I will make it as simple as possible for beginners to follow

Overview of Tasks

  1. Set up a project on your Google cloud account
  2. Enable Compute engine API and Kubernetes Engine API
  3. Create a Service account
  4. Install and initialize gcloud SDK
  5. Install kubectl

Step-by-step guide to ingesting fargate container logs into Elastic search with fluent bit

Recently I started working on ECS to deploy some containers , I have always been a big fan of Kubernetes because working with it for the past 2 years made me love how seamless it is and the ease of deploying applications. Few weeks ago I had to work on ECS for the first time, as always I loved the challenge as its an opportunity for me to learn something new and an added knowledge to my IT skills.

This article was borne out of the fact that , after deploying my containers in ECS Fargate , I needed my…

DevOps is a culture! DevOps is a way of life! DevOps is not a tool nor a technique. It’s cultural change!

DevOps is when you combine different cultural philosophies, practices, and different tools to increase your organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity: evolve and improve products at a faster pace

Image Credits: software.af.mil

For a long time, development and operations were isolated modules. Developers wrote code; the system administrators were responsible for its deployment and integration. As there was limited communication between these two silos, specialists worked mostly separately and has distinct controls over their activities project.

DevOps bridges…

My name is Bukola Johnson and I am a Site Reliability Engineer (popularly known as a DevOps Engineer) . I have several years of experience working in the Technology space. I started my IT career as a Helpdesk support staff! Do not despise the days of little beginning, yay!!! I gradually moved into being a System Administration in the ever busy financial institution, where I managed On-premise windows servers and also worked on Backup and Storage solutions.

I was the go to “windows server girl” — because I knew just a little about Linux then

Few years down the line…

Bukola Johnson

I am a DevOps Engineer. Follow me to keep abreast with the latest technology news, industry insights, and DevOps trends.

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